Set Up Your Indoor Home Garden Today!


Set Up Your Indoor Home Garden Today!

For those of us with green thumbs who live in an apartment building it may seem like our gardening days are over. But did you know you can still create and maintain an indoor garden while also receiving amazing benefits from it?

One of the greatest benefits of an indoor garden is that the plants act as a natural air filter, creating more oxygen in your space. Other benefits include pest-free and weed-free gardening, a creative way to decorate, organic vegetables and herbs, and of course a year round hobby!

Not quite sure yet on what to grow? Some of the best edible things you can grow in your indoor garden are, avocados, carrots, garlic greens, basil, mint, and rosemary. For a bigger list check out some reccomendations by blog Greatist []

If you’re a beginning gardener check out this easy guide on starting your indoor garden, provided by blog Real Simple [].

Have you set up your indoor garden yet? Send us pics so we can show them off! Have any indoor gardening tips and tricks let us know on facebook!

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